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We can supply you with the following AKG microphone systems, accessories and service:



AKG                                      Frequency response optimized for vocal use

D 3700/D 3700 S                Hypercardioid polar pattern for high gain before feedback

                                               Transducer protected by integrated dual protective basket


                                         Rugged construction, disrinctive Tri-Power styling, and outstanding sonic performance

                                         for vocalists on a budget. The D 3700 features an extended frequency response with a

                                         slight boost between 3 kHz and 15 kHz to protect vocals out in front of dense mixes.

                                         Based on AKG know-how, the D 3700 combines a high-output Maximum Flux

                                         neodymium/iron-boron transducer and a uniform hypercardioid polar pattern to allow

                                         close-up work near high-level monitors without feedback. The smoothly triangulated

                                         PowerGrip body balances perfectly in the hand and the rugged body with Iso-Damp

                                         internal suspension guarantees reliability under the most severe touring conditions. The

                                         built-in windscreen removes easily for cleaning with a twist of the locking bayonet mounted

                                         grill. The D3700 S is identical to the D3700 except for the addition of a noiseless, recessed

                                         on/off switch.            



AKG                           wpc82419d3.gif   Frequency response optimized for vocal use

D 3800/D 3800 S                Hypercardioid polar pattern for high gain before feedback

                                               Transducer protected by integrated dual protective basket


                                         The D 3800 offers a combination of unsurpassed performance and exclusive features

                                         unmatched by any other dynamic vocal microphone. At the heart of the microphone is

                                         an AKG Maximum Flux neodymium transducer. This high-output element, coupled with

                                         a uniformly tight hypercardioid pickup pattern, provides exceptional gain-before-feedback

                                         right on top of loud stage monitors. The vocal contoured response rises gently starting at

                                         2 kHz to pull vocals in front of the mix, while a close-in low end boost adds warmth. The

                                         patented MMS “Moving Magnet Suspension” system dramatically reduces unwanted

                                         mechanical/handling noise while a hum suppression coil neutralizes electrically induced


                                         The PowerGrip housing nestles naturally in the palm, and road tough construction assures

                                         never-say-die reliability. The built-in windscreen removes for cleaning with a twist of the

                                         locking bayonet-mount grill. The D 3800 S is identical to the D 3800 except for the

                                         addition of a noiseless recessed on/off switch.



AKG                                      Performance microphone with high quality condenser capsule

C 5900                                  Two switchable bass rolloff filters

                                               High sensitivity and high handling noise rejection


                                        The C 5900 combines the detailed transparency of a premium AKG studio condenser

                                        with the road tough construction, low handling noise, and feedback rejection required

                                        of a true stage performance microphone. At the heart of the C 5900 is AKG’s new

                                        condenser capsule with an ultra-thin, gold-sputtered diaphragm that precisely captures

                                        every subtle nuance of a vocal performance. Transient response is superb, yet vocal

                                        quality remains full and warm with no trace of harshness. The frequency response has

                                        been carefully tuned to vocal use. An integrated 3-way switch allows you to customize

                                        proximity effect by choosing flat response or one of two bass roll-off curves. A four-layer

                                        filter assembly effectively suppresses pop and wind noise, while the integrated and

                                        hardened protective basket of AKG’s DuraShell system safeguards all internal





                                                   Radio Microphones - WMS40 System


You can use every micro-tool with the SR 40 SINGLE stationary receiver.


        Unlimited combinations

        Audio compatibility

        Frequency compatibility

        High definition Audio Performance



SR 40 receiver                    Reliable, easy-to-use receiver

                                               Adjustable squelch for noise-free reception

                                               Folding front-panel antenna for easy rack-mounted use

                                               Frequency colour code

                                               RF LED indicates signal reception status


                                         The SR 40 stationary receiver can be used with all WMS 40 Series transmitters. An

                                         adjustable squelch and output level control permit optimum signal matching to

                                         subsequent equipment. Professional outputs include a XLR  and 1/4” jack. Rugged

                                         half-rack case for standalone or rack-mounted operation.


                                         The plug & play concept and fixed preset frequency let you set up and operate the

                                         SR 40 quickly and efficiently at small venues such as clubs, lecture halls, or for



                                         In addition, you can add receivers to expand any WMS 40 system to as many as four

                                         wireless channels operating simultaneously on different frequencies.


                                         Complete systems comprising a transmitter and receiver available on request. For

                                         details on which systems are available in which countries contact your dealer.



SR 40 diversity                    Digital Four Level Diversity system for interference-free reception.

receiver                                 Rugged metal case

                                                Full metering for easy status monitoring

                                                Professional XLR and 1/4” outputs


                                          The SR 40 diversity is a stationary receiver for all WMS 40 and microtools series

                                          transmitters. Operating in the 710 Mhz to 865 Mhz UHF range, the SR 40 diversity

                                          is perfectly suited for small stages, clubs, small touring systems, places of worship,

                                          hotels, gyms, etc. The plug and play concept and fixed preset frequency let you set up

                                          and operate the system quickly and efficiently even if you are not a trained sound



                                          Professional outputs include a balanced XLR and unbalanced TS 1/4” jack for

                                          connecting to every kind of equipment. An output level control allows you to match the

                                          SR 40 diversity’s output signal to the input stage of the subsequent device. The rugged

                                          half-rack case gives you the choice of using the receiver free-standing or mounting it

                                          in a 19” rack.



C 444 head-worn                Ergonomically optimized behind-the-neck headband.

microphone                         Moisture Shield

                                                External shock mount for high mechanical-noise rejection


                                         The new C 444 head-worn microphone from AKG is rugged, extremely easy to use, and

                                         offers outstanding price/performance. Resting securely and comfortably on the head, the

                                         C 444 is the ideal microphone for any hands-free application including gymnastics

                                         instruction, presentations, or onstage performances.


                                         With new cheek pads, the C 444 will stay in place even if you turn your head abruptly

                                         and a capsule shock mount reduces handling noise to a minimum. A frequency response

                                         rise at 10 kHz and rolloff below 800 Hz ensure optimum audio and intelligibility even

                                         in noisy environments. The new moisture shield that prevents perspiration from

                                         penetrating into the transducer  and other design features provide optimum protection

                                         from moisture.


                                         C 444 L: With mini XLR connector for use with B 29 L battery operated power supply,

                                                      MPA III L external phantom power adapter, or AKG WMX bodypack transmitters.



SO 40 snap-on                   Professional XLR connector matching all dynamic microphones

transmitter                          Ultra-light, glass fibre reinforced miniature case

                                               Integrated charging contacts

                                               Extremely low operating cost


                                         The SO 40 snap-on transmitter is probably the most cost efficient way to upgrade a

                                         hardwire microphone for wireless use. All you have to do is disconnect the microphone

                                         cable and plug the snap-on transmitter into the XLR connector on the microphone. The

                                         snap-on transmitter with its small and light fiber reinforced case will add less weight to

                                         the microphone than the cable did.


                                         An input gain control lets you match the SO 40 to the microphone output level. A

                                         noiseless on/off switch allows you to mute any microphone with no on/off switch.

                                         Integrated charging contacts and the optional CU 40 charging unit make recharging

                                         batteries easier than ever. Replacement colour code elements allow easy identification

                                         of the various microphone channels in any multichannel concert setup.



HT 40 handheld                 Handheld transmitter with D 880 microphone element for brilliant, uncoloured vocal

transmitter                           reproduction.

                                               Controls include on/mute/off switch and a battery status indicator for ease of use.

                                               Operates for more than 35 hours off the same set of AA size batteries.

                                               Lowest operating cost in its class.


                                         The WMS 40 Series HT 40 handheld transmitter provides excellent price/performance.

                                         With a battery life of 35 hours, the operating cost of the HT 40 is the lowest in its class.

                                         The D 880 dynamic cardioid microphone element has been specifically designed for a

                                         brilliant vocal sound and outstanding audio performance.


                                         The rugged body with an integrated antenna protects the HT 40 from damage even in

                                         extremely tough use on stage. A noiseless on/mute/off switch and status LED make the

                                         HT 40 easy to use even for less experienced vocalists or talkers. Interchangeable colour

                                         code slips allow you to mark each channel of a professional multichannel system for

                                         easy visual identification of the various frequencies.



PT 40 bodypack                Bodypack transmitter with rugged plastic body

transmitter                          Professional mini XLR input for variety of applications

                                               Ease of use

                                               Operates for more than 35 hours off the same set of AA size batteries

                                               Extremely low operating cost


                                         The WMS 40 Series PT 40 bodypack transmitter is a true universal genius. You can

                                         connect everything from lavalier or head-worn microphones to a guitar, bass, or portable



                                         In spite of its light weight and small size, the PT 40 operates for more than 35 hours off a

                                         single set of batteries, so its operating cost is the lowest in its class. An input gain

                                         control, noiseless on/mute/off switch, and professional mini XLR input provide maximum

                                         reliability and ease of use in every application. A belt clip makes it easy to attach the

                                         PT 40 to clothes or instrument straps.




                                     New and Rebuilt Microphone Cable Service  


                                                               Red and Blue Deluxe Remote Cords                   









          You can now order deluxe remote cords with coloured cable (currently red & blue). These cords also have

          premium connectors and powder coated handles for good looks as well as durability. Available in standard

          12ft. or custom lengths. Only cables with microphone on/off switch and Hilton remote volume control are

          available (sorry no reset capability).          















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