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           We can supply you with the following speaker systems, accessories and service.












YAK STACK                   Full-size speaker array for medium to large groups.            

Model 6-120                   

                                          The YAK STACK column loud-speaker array has set the standard for excellence in

                                          sound reproduction since it was first introduced in 1961.


                                          The YAK STACK has proven itself many times over by making it possible to have

                                          excellent sound in halls that were previously very difficult or impossible to sound

                                         correctly. This can now be accomplished with a minimum of setup time and expense.


                                         The YAK STACK column is a carefully engineered lightweight enclosure with specially

                                         designed, tested and matched speakers that make YAK STACK the proven performer

                                         that it is.



Half YAK STACK          Abbreviated speaker array for small to medium groups.

Model 3-60

                                         The YAK STACK Sound Column will handle the full output of amplifiers rated as high

                                         as 300 watts peak power without distortion of any kind. You will be amazed at the

                                         performance of the YAK STACK.


                                         Why wait? Order your YAK STACK now! Find out why it is the most popular sound

                                         column. Your crowds will welcome the YAK STACK difference.   






YAK Stand, Adapter,

& Case                            YAK Stand: a folding tripod stand, 56” high; extends to 8 ½ - weighs 8 lbs.


                                         Bracket: a simple device for easy mounting of YAK STACK or HALF YAK column

                                         on YAK STAND.


                                         Height Adjuster: a non-slip, special design adjustment.       





YAK STACK                  

Replacement                We can supply YAK STACK replacement speakers, with or without “whizzer cone”.







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