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Square Dancing

Monthly New Release Preview Service on CD

As well as cassette, the monthly preview service is available on CD, ONLY from Mavericks Dance Supplies. The cost is AUD$65 per year, or as a special offer, AUD$100 for two years. So why not contact us NOW.


Bonus Reward Scheme

Recommend someone new for our preview service, and we send them a free sample. When they subscribe, we credit you with 6 months free subscription.


When you order from the current new release previews, fifty cents is credited to your subscription accoumt. Just make sure you order before 15th of the following month, when the next month’s new release preview is distributed.


New and Second Hand Records and CDs

         Best Value Around

         We have a comprehensive selection, and our prices are the most competitive

         you will find - no square dance record over $13

         All second-hand records - $6

         We can send you our record inventory electronically or by mail


MP3 Service

Lots of Old Favourites are out of print in vinyl and will remain so. However, many are available to download in MP3 format.


No facilities for downloading MP3? Simply order your MP3 from Mavericks and charge it to your account.



         Books for teaching and instruction

         Handbooks for dancers - Callerlab definitions, fully illustrated


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